Why Travel – What’s The purpose of Travel?

Why Travel – What’s The purpose of Travel?

Why Travel – What’s The purpose of Travel?


Exactly why do folks travel?

Have you been asked: “Why do you ever travel?” Maybe you even asked it yourself?


Do you recall your answer? Was it a thing like:




“We like it.”


“It is exactly what we have to do.”


For most, answering this question happens to be tough. Even in case it’s rather clear for you, detailing it to others – specifically to those that are not afflicted by the travel bug – is a significant challenge.


View of a lake coming from roof top tent


“Is it merely a means to relax?” Why not go fishing for one day or even reserve a spa remedy as a substitute?


“Can we lower it with the adrenaline rush we might feel?” If that’s the situation, we are able to in addition begin a roller coaster drive.


What’s the goal of travel?

As a psychologist, someone and neuroscientist who loves to travel I’d to find a much better solution.


Based on scientists Researcher Filep Sebastian creates a powerful case which “a satisfying traveling experience isn’t just about satisfactions. It’s in addition about just how personally meaningful we located our travel activities”.


The goal of traveling is hooked up with building community relationships, opportunities to study and grow, and dedication. It provides us the opportunity in order to be actually interested in an exercise, to create new skills and also to explore new cultures. It brings us nearer to ourselves and others.


Put simply, all the stuff we have to increase the resilience of ours!


Goal of traveling – meeting people


Based on long term travelers Konrad Waliszewski asked long term travelers exactly why they travel. He received responses like:


“It has deepened my life”

“My perspective has shifted”

“It opens up the possibilities of yours and the horizons of yours and the sorts of discussions you are able to have, the types of experiences you are able to have”

“It changes the way I see and meet up with almost every facet of the earth around me”

“I travel to learn”

“It provides context beyond me”


Travel destinations – Road indication with Iran


Our mind Our brain filters constantly all of the info around us. It determines exactly how we experience and understand the world. What we see, pick up and feel depends not just on the senses of ours. Additionally, it really build upon what we think, worth, know as well as on our power to envision alternatives. In addition to all that our mind is created for challenges; we want them to feel really great.

By submerging ourselves within fresh countries, locations, culinary traditions,… we enrich ourselves with new frameworks for comparison and also give our society space to grow.


That what makes folks different, we find interesting.

Things we do not understand, we wish to figure out.

Places unfamiliar to us, we’ll explore.


Travel graces us with special chances to (re)discover our talents and dreams, and then to discuss these with others.


“The significance of life is finding the gift of yours. The goal of living is giving it away.” – Pablo Picasso


off-roading in Turkey


What exactly are you longing for? Go out there and also check out!


Happy travels!